FCPPL-CSC PhD grant application for 2016

The China Scholarship Council provides grants to PhD students for 3 years -for a full PhD in France- or for a 6 to 24 months period for students wishing to prepare part of their thesis in France in a cotutelle (so-called sandwich thesis). Grants are around 1200 euros/month + 1 return flight ticket.

Based on its 8-years expertise and 40+ successful PhD graduations, FCPPL provides a high standard framework for PhDs recrutments and training.

The FCPPL-CSC application procedure is the following:

  • 1. Upload, fill in and send your PhD subject to garnier@cppm.in2p3.fr, omartino@in2p3.fr, cheng@ihep.ac.cn before January 24th, 2015 (sorry for the short notice!)
  • 2. After validation, all FCPPL PhD subjects will be transfered to CSC. As agreed by the CSC, FCPPL PhD subjects will be advertisef on the CSC web site.
  • 3. Once an agreement has been found with a candidate, her/his foreseen tutor in France should fill in the FCPPL PhD commitment, sign it together with the applicant and email it to garnier@cppm.in2p3.fr, omartino@in2p3.fr, cheng@ihep.ac.cn. FCPPL will then evaluate the applications based on these documents + additionnal infos for applicants outside of FCPPL collaborations. Details & deadline for this phase will be given later.
  • 4. If the FCPPL steering committee validates the candidate's application, then the candidate has to proceed with the application to CSC. This last step will take place in March or April 2016. Details on the CSC application procedure will be available CSC will evaluate the preselected candidates according to its own requirements and priorities, and will inform the successful candidates in May or June 2016.

Please be aware that the number of applicants to CSC grants has increased greatly in the last years, at a much faster pace than the number of grants. The competion therfeore gets stronger, with an overal ~50% sucess rate for applicants since 2012. CSC pointed out to FCPPL that the following items are key elements of the application's evaluation:

    • quality of the existing collaboration between the Chinese team and its foreign counterparts
    • coherence of the candidate's research project
    • added value of the candidate's stay abroad

We strongly advise you to take this into consideration when writing your application to CSC grant, and insist on the added value provided by the FCPPL framework on these issues. FCPPL is willing to provide you with any support/help in writting your application.

  • Important notice for candidates : We would like to draw the attention of potential candidates on the fact that your academic institution of origin may also be part of the candidates selection process. Its exact role differs from one institution to the other, and it is therefore hard for FCPPL to provide you with details on this specific issue, but we strongly advise potential candidates to QUICKLY get in touch with their academic administration,inform them that you wish to apply to a CSC grant in 2016, and ask what should be done to get the institution approval for this.

  • Important notice for candidates for a sandwich thesis : candidates to a 6 to 24 months stay in France have to be considered as PhD students at the time of application. This can be done by providing CSC with the 在 读证明 (Zai Du Zheng Ming) obtained from the University's administration.

Required documents :

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