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News // 2017

  • May 25:
    • The 2017 FCPPL proposals have now been evaluated and project leaders informed of the results. Reports & proposals can be found in this internal section.

  • March 30:
    • The 10th FCPPL workshop was held at Tsinghua University, Beijing on March 27-30, 2017, co-organised by Tsinghua and IHEP. Most presentations have now been uploaded here and the group picture of the workshop participants is available there.



  • April 4:
    • The 9th FCPPL workshop is now over, and most presentation uploaded on the workshop website. Thanks for its 122 participants for making it this year again a great success!The steering committee meeting took place on April 1st. Find some pictures here and many more there.
  • March 23:
  • March 15:
    • Liu Kun (USTC & LPNHE) and Liu Shan (IHEP & LAL) are the 2 winners of the FCPPL 2016 PhD Prize for the Outstanding Detector development PhD and the Outstanding Analysis PhD prizes respectivelly. Chen Hesheng and Eric Kajfasz, chairs of the FCPPL PhD prize jury, will hand them their prices at the 9th FCPPL workshop in Strasbourg on March 30.
  • February 5:


  • June 23:
    • The 2015 proposals have been evaluated by the steering committee. Funding obtained for the French part have been notified to project leaders.

  • April 11:
    • The 8th FCPPL workshop is now over. With 115 participants, it's been (once again) a great success ! Thank you all for your participation.


  • November 19:
    • If you submitted a PhD subject to the FCPPL-CSC program, please find the complete application procedure here.

  • October 29: 50 years celebration of sino-french diplomatic relations - FCPPL Higgs seminar
Just one year ago, the Nobel prize in Physics was awarded jointly to Peter Higgs and François Englert "for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles", a work initiated in 1964. This mechanism is linked to the existence of a particle -the so-called Higgs boson- which was discovered in 2012 at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. This result ends a nearly 50-years long experimental quest, and validates the theoretical prediction by Higgs and Englert, as stressed explicitly by the Nobel prize committee in their award statement.

In the framework of the 50th anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic relationships, established the very same year as the seminal work by Englert and Higgs, the French Embassy in China wished to celebrate this great event by proposing two seminars on this topic: one in Lanzhou University (November 3rd) and one in Tsinghua University, Beijing (November 4th).

In these seminars designed for a wide, non-specialized audience, Jessica Leveque and Lianliang Ma, two physicists directly involved in this discovery, explained how particles' mass originate from the Higgs boson, and how CERN's quest was finally succesfull. They also detailed the significant contribution of French-Chinese collaboration to this great results, which involves, in a tremendous international effort, more than 5000 physicists from more than 50 countries.

Speakers.jpg Lanzhou.jpg

Speakers and audience at the French Embassy - FCPPL Higgs seminar in Lanzhou, November 3rd.


Poster for the French Embassy - FCPPL Higgs seminar in Tsinghua, November 4th.

  • Oct 23: Visit of the Education Service of the Chinese Embassy in France to LAL.
The first secretary of the Education Service of the Chinese Embassy in France, Mrs Jinmei ZHAO (in charge of Chinese Government Scholarship Students affairs in France) visited the Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire (LAL) at Orsay. She had an interview with Prof. Philip BAMBADE and his PhD student Shan LIU. Philip and Shan are among the 10 pairs of French supervisors + CSC grantees selected by the Education Service in France for their survey of the CSC exchange program. During this meeting, Prof. ZHANG Zhiqing presented the CSC-FCPPL program on behalf of Prof. Olivier Martineau-Huynh. Prof. Patrick ROBBE also participated in the discussion. The possibility of renewing the CSC-FCPPL Memorandum of Understanding and to update it based on the experience with the program over the years and to specify objectives in terms of numbers of students selected each year was discussed. A report about this interview will be sent to the Chinese Ministry of Education (text by LIU Shan LIU, edited by Olivier Martineau).

bambade.jpg bambade_2.jpeg

Left: Mrs ZHAO Jingmei (1st secretary of the Education Service of the Chinese Embassy in France), Pr. Philip BAMBADE, Pr. ZHANG Zhiqing, Mr WU Fengyun (assistant to 1st secretary).

Right: Pr. Patrick ROBBE, Mrs ZHAO Jingmei, Pr. Philip BAMBADE, Pr. ZHANG Zhiqing, Miss LIU Shan.

  • Oct 21: the next FCPPL workshop will be hosted by USTC Hefei (China) on April 8 to 10, 2015. Please register here !


  • June 18: the call for the CAS-CNRS grant program is closed. This program provides funding for a one year stay in a CNRS lab for PhD students from CAS institutes. See the UCAS webpage for more details. Deadline was July 6, 2014.

  • May 11: the FCPPL 2014 workshop took place in Clermont-Ferrand between May 8 and 10. With 135 participants, including directors and representative of various institutions in France, China or at international level, it is fair to say that this 7th edition was a great success! The FCPPL steering committee met on May 10 and evaluted the proposals submitted to FCPPL for 2014. Project leaders will soon be informed of teh results of these evaluations.

  • March 13: the 2014 FCPPL PhD PRIZE has been awarded to Zhang Xiaoming for his outstanding PhD work untitled "Study of heavy flavors from muons measured with the ALICE detector in proton-proton and heavy-ion collisions at the CERN-LHC", under the co-supervision of Zhou Daicui (CCNU Wuhan), Nicole Bastid and Philipe Crochet (LPC Clermont-Ferrand). Congratulations to him. Xiaoming will present his work during the next FCPPL workshop (April 8 in Clermont-Ferrand) and will then be awarded the FCPPL trophee.


  • October 31st: CPPM (Centre for Particle Physics in Marseille) had the chance to welcome Mr. Zhongwen ZHENG, Director General of the Bureau of Finance (NSFC), Prof. Yongtao ZHANG, Division Head of the Bureau of International Cooperation (NSFC), Prof. Ming QI, Nanjing University, Prof. Sylvie DAVIET, AMU Vice-President for International Affairs (find here her presentation), Prof. Jean-Marc PONS, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, AMU, (find here his presentation), Prof. Cheng-Cai ZHANG, Vice- Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, AMU. They were guided by Dr Eric KAJFASZ, CPPM Director, CNRS and Dr Emmanuel MONNIER, CNRS.

Crédits photo CPPM/Hélène Boyer

  • August 7: Patrick Nedellec, head of the CNRS office in Beijing, has just been appointed head of the CNRS International Relations office (DERCI). Congratulations to him, thanks for the constant support he showed to FCPPL over the past years and good luck for this new position!

  • August, 2nd: a new version of the FCPPL welcome book is available in our internal section, with all practical infos on administrative procedures, visas, lodging, etc... for long & short term visitors in France.

  • July 22: Wang Yifang (Director of IHEP and member of the FCPPL steering committee) guided Xi Jinping, President of China, for a 2-hours visit of IHEP on July 17.
    • This visit clearly shows the importance given to fundamental research by the central governement, which expressed already at several occasion its will to make scientific research and innovation the base of chinese development in the next years.

What is FCPPL?

The France-China Particle Physics Laboratory is a plateform for collaboration between French and Chinese researchers in particle physics and connex fields. It provides financial support for the projects selected by the steering committee, information on the various tools for sino-french scientific collaboration, and assistance to answer to the corresponding calls for proposals. There are around 200 members in FCPPL (including ~30 PhD students), working on ~30 scientific project. Technically, FCPPL is a LIA created in 2007 and renewed in 2011, involving CNRS/IN2P3, CEA/IRFU, and universities (see list below) for the French part, and several institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and universities (see list below) for the Chinese part.

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